In Noticias

The QS Heroes de Mayo Iquique Pro has just finished on Chilean soil. Championship corresponding to the 1500-point QS qualifying circuit. The young athlete from Zarautz Nadia Erostarbe wins again and it is her second QS surfing championship so far this season. An incredible result considering the time of year we are in and what remains of the season ahead. We are sure that it is the year of this talented and young surfing promise from Zarautz.

This small summary of current sports news seems to me to be a good introduction to the topic I am here to talk to you about. The figures of the future for Zarautz surfing, their projection and how far they can go with the talent they treasure. The seedbed and quarry that Zarautz represents for surfing at a national, European and international level is already known and recognized. There are many figures who have been trained and have grown on a personal and professional level in this small town on the Basque coast. How far can we hope to see these athletes and what is the ceiling. In addition to the recent champion we talked about, we have another young man with great results, he is Rubén Vitoria. Surfer with a powerful back side that leaves no one indifferent. The Amatriain brothers, the most radical twins to the delight of whoever is lucky enough to see them surf and share sessions with them. Another little one who aspires high is Keoni Lasa. Another diamond from the quarry that will surely give many good results. And so I could list so many names that the article would be too long. The reflection I want to leave you with is why such a small town produces so many good surfers? It is clear that there is a lot of talent and a very professional way of understanding and working on surfing in all aspects, accompanied by the passion so characteristic of its people.

They will set the limit…

Nafarroa Kalea 25 A, bajo
(Malecón de Zarautz)
20800 Zarautz (GIPUZKOA)
País Vasco (SPAIN)