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We love to surf, but also vary it and continue enjoying the benefits of the sea. We are talking about SUP, another way to surf the wave calmly with a paddle, sunbathing and getting in shape. At North Shore we also have this activity as an alternative option for those who dare to try it.
There are days when the waves are not good, the sea is completely calm or we simply want a different alternative. A stand up paddle ride would be a nice option to continue enjoying the sea in a calm, relaxed and very fun way. At the same time, we work a large part of the body’s muscles without impact, both in the joints and in the skeleton. This is one of the great attractions from the point of view of the benefits it brings to health. With just the involuntary movements that are made to maintain balance on the board, important work is done to tone the muscle groups of the trunk and legs, and a considerable improvement in reflexes is achieved. In addition, when rowing you also work the arm muscles. Thanks to muscle and tendon strengthening, hip, knee, ankle, back and herniated disc problems are avoided. Promotes incorporation into the exercise routine after suffering an injury. It also contributes to energy expenditure, making it ideal for keeping the kilos at bay.
In addition to all this, it reduces stress levels. When practiced outdoors and in natural environments, it causes extra relaxation compared to any indoor physical activity, which favors stress control, while enjoying spectacular landscapes.

We leave you with some tips to practice this sport:

• We will maintain a correct posture on the board. We will place our feet slightly apart in the middle of the board and in symmetry with our shoulders while we bend our knees a little and try to keep our back straight. It is very important to keep your head up and your eyes on the horizon.

• We will choose a paddle that suits us. The SUP paddle is one of the basic elements, so its use should be comfortable for us, this way we can obtain better results and avoid straining the shoulders and arms. As a general rule, it is recommended that it be between 15 and 20 centimeters taller than your own height.

• We will use an appropriate paddling technique. How we hold the paddle is essential to start practicing SUP since it will influence the distance we can reach as well as the quality of the paddling. One hand should be in the middle of the pole while the other holds the end or knob. Avoiding being rigid or exerting too much force in the grip of the paddle will help us achieve greater distance as well as save energy. Likewise, we must keep in mind that we do not only row with our arms, but we must accompany these movements with our chest, torso and legs. When the paddle is at the height of our feet, it will be time to bring it to the surface. keeping it close to the sea in order to prepare ourselves to repeat the paddling process.

We will take it calmly and with a good attitude. We will put consistency and perseverance into the process. And most importantly, we will always enjoy it.
Are you ready, Riders?

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