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The best plan for this Easter is without a doubt surfing. I’m going to give you some reasons why we say this.

First of all, this year it’s in April! If yes, it is also mid, well mid a little past because it falls on the 18th and even the 22nd. The luckiest of you have a very long long weekend, we are going on a full-fledged mini vacation. With this I mean that the warmth is already felt, and very comfortable indeed. Also, I suppose that now that there is snow you will be more than satisfied with how good this winter has been. But nothing better than looking for a bit of sun on your face while soaking on your surfboard.

Secondly, spring is a great time to surf, one of the best of the year. It is a time of south wind and high quality waves ideal for all levels. There is life after summer!!! If it’s your first time, and you’re already thinking about trying this experience, this is your opportunity, don’t let it slip away… If, on the other hand, you’ve already tried out on a surfboard for the first time, it’s time to continue practicing and improving your flow. We are in Zarautz, the most famous beach in all of Spain in terms of surfing and surfing atmosphere. Here you can breathe surf on all four sides. You also have to take into account the plans we have here in Zarautz for these dates. Very festive atmosphere with many events, such as concerts and especially the traditional Beer Fair run by the Rugby Club. It has been many years since this event attracts many people from all over the world. Its incomparable OktoberFest atmosphere in pure German style but with the distinguished touch that the people here give it. Live concerts, where no one stops dancing all night.

The third, but not least. You have to try the North Shore experience… If what you want is a different getaway, full of waves, good times and lots of laughter, fun is guaranteed, this is your perfect plan. You will meet people like you who are cool and want to have a great time and make new friends. Want to catch a thousand waves and enjoy the best surfing environment.

Well, as I said, we are waiting for you here. You just have to sign up, we’ll take care of the rest.


Nafarroa Kalea 25 A, bajo
(Malecón de Zarautz)
20800 Zarautz (GIPUZKOA)
País Vasco (SPAIN)