North Shore Surf Camp Zarautz

· Surf lessons and activities are not recoverable or reimbursable under any circumstance. The schedules of the same ones can vary and be modified without previous warning since they are conditioned by the conditions of the sea, the tides and the climatological phenomena.

· Classes and activities can be suspended, postponed or canceled depending on the conditions of the sea, weather or lack of security guarantees. Always try to reschedule classes and activities. In case the adverse conditions are prolonged in time and do not allow us to ensure the conditions and minimum security measures for its realization, North Shore will not be responsible since they are phenomena that are beyond our control.

· Big waves or maritime storms that bring with them very large waves, live tides both in high and low will be grounds for suspension of surf lessons. Very strong winds, rough sea, dangerous currents and currents, lightning storms with or without lightning or lightning, or the total lack of waves.

· All circumstances and unforeseen circumstances that customers may suffer and forcing them to miss classes or activities, such as injuries, illnesses, discomfort, fatigue, hangovers or any physical impediment, are not the responsibility of North Shore.

· Neither the activities or classes that the client may lose due to delays in schedules not caused by North Shore.

· Check-in, breakfast and meal times, surf classes and activities will be established. In the event that the client loses any of these services due to external causes, North Shore is not obliged to compensate or reimburse one or more of these services.


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    Nafarroa Kalea 25 A, bajo
    (Malecón de Zarautz)
    20800 Zarautz (GIPUZKOA)
    País Vasco (SPAIN)