We took the concept of surf camp and created a dynamic program especially for students between 11 and 14 years old.

For more detailed information, see below.


6 days of full room and board in our Surf House or Surf Hostel.
6 Buffett /Self-service breakfast.
6 Healthy, complete lunches including drink and desert. Uniquely themed dinners with varied drink and desert.
6 surf classes (12 hours total). Material and equipment included.
Boards and equipment available for use throughout the stay.
Daily, supervised open surf sessions.
Yoga class.
Pilates class.

Complementary activities include:
Surf theory workshop
Stand Up Paddle Board outing
Technical instruction classes for surfskate and Carver skateboards
Slack-line balance rope
Day trip to the neighboring town of Getaria. Dinner included.
Outings, hiking routes, etc.

WiFi connection
Interactive web TV (Netflix, HBO, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, etc)
Complete accident and medical insurance.

AVISO COVID-19 // CANCELACIÓN FLEXIBLE HASTA 48h antes. Reserva con total tranquilidad.



The surf classes and activities are organized into dynamic groups. They’re both social and age specific.  It’s in this highly interactive atmosphere that we not only get to enjoy learning sport, but grow our love and understanding of our natural environment. Doing so alongside our peers helps catalyze and motivate our experience. 

The students’ safety is our priority. Our camp meets and exceeds the industry requirements for schools and surf camps set out by Basque Country and the Ministry of Sport. We are staffed by a certified and professional team that supervises and guides the students 24 hours per day throughout the classes, complementary activities, and free time. 

Modern, beach-front surf facilities in Zarautz with top-of-the-line equipment to establish and progress the students’ surf skills. 

Our cozy and comfortable surf house provides the most enjoyable stay, completely outfitted for all of your needs. Spacious bedrooms, all exterior facing with balcony or terrace, private garden, recreation areas, and a chill out patio.


Modern and comfortably furnished townhouse-style villa completely equipped with the essentials for a pleasant stay. Various terraces, a garden, communal area, and full baths. 

Our SURF HOUSE is located in the center of Zarautz a few minutes walk from the historic center and the beach. It’s three spacious floors boast an expansive living room with relaxing bean-bags and sofa, interactive TV, Netflix and WiFi. In addition to a garden with tables, chairs and sun loungers.

The beautiful rooms are all exterior which makes them pleasantly airy during summer, all of them have balconies or terraces and are located on the first and second floors. We have rooms for 4 and 6 people, all with shared bathrooms. They are fully equipped with bedding and a towel so it is not necessary to bring a sleeping bag. The Surf House has a chill-out terrace on the top floor, ideal for relaxing after an intense surf session.


Complete and nutritious breakfast is provided every morning, with juice, a range of milk choices, cereal, coffee, infusions, chocolate and hot cocoa, ham and turkey, cheese, fruit, pastries, toast with butter and jam, honey and nutella, nuts, etc. . All of this will be set out on a self-service style table with everything you need to get energized for the day.

Lunches are provided by our partner restaurants where you can choose your dishes from a wide and varied menu. The meals include two courses, drink, and dessert. You can expect a choice of chicken, turkey, meat (beef or pork), fish, meatballs, hamburgers, schnitzel, pan fried Spanish ham, etc. These mains are always accompanied by pasta, rice, salads, scrambled eggs, omelettes or chips. There are also stews and soups.

We have vegan and vegetarian options and menus for different intolerances (gluten, lactose, nuts, etc.) and accommodate other special diets as well. Let us know what you need and we will be glad to tailor a solution that’s just right. 

For dinner you will be surprised by the variety. Themed dinners are served every day: welcome BBQ, pizza night, Mexican night with burritos, fajitas and nachos, American night with gourmet hot dogs and sauces, Italian homemade pasta night with three different sauces and finally the XXL Burger as a farewell celebration.


You will have surf lessons every day with our group of qualified instructors and coordinators to guarantee a fun and safe learning experience . Classes are held at our school, which is located right on the beach. The school has all the needed facilities for your convenience(showers, changing rooms, lockers, etc.). You will also have at your disposal the best equipment for surfing, all of which is already included in the pack. Soft boards, fiberglass or epoxy boards (depending on skill level) and XCEL and NEXT suits (2mm, 3mm and 4mm full-length suits, depending on the season and water temperature).

The course will be adapted to the progress of each one during the stay. We will look for the evolution in your learning. For this we will give daily classes that in the beginning will have a theoretical part with basic knowledge of movements and standing.


Surf theory workshop. Here you will learn everything about surfing. History, safety regulations, wave formation, etc. You will also learn to interpret the wave reports and forecasts so that you never miss a good surf session again.

Slackline and platform diving. You’re in for a treat if you’ve never tried this super fun test of coordination and balance as you walk a tightrope. Your more daring side may reveal itself as you step up to meet the high dive challenges and plunge into the beautiful Cantabrian Sea. 

Paddle surf SUP. Grab one of our amazing paddle boards and test your core strength or, for the brave, take your own tour of the ocean. You can do it alone or even try going tandem with a buddy!

Surf Skate. A bit of land surfing to improve your balance and perfect your surf mechanics or simply just to take a cruise along the Zarautz boardwalk to the rhythm of your legs.

Table tennisIf you are the king of ping-pong, no one will be able to take the crown from you! Fun table tennis games where you can challenge even our best monitor … See for yourself how good he is…

Surfboard shaping workshop. We will visit one of the best known surfboard factories in Zarautz. During the visit you will have the chance to see how a board is made. The different processes, from shaping by hand, sanding and glassing, etc.

Yoga. A little stretching and relaxation is always a good idea. You will enjoy some challenging yoga classes in a unique setting that will surely get you hooked on this holistic discipline.

Pilates. We’ll get into postural control and breathing. It’s a totally different way of connecting with and learning about our bodies.

* activities subject to availability. Not all activities are included and are always contingent on the surf lesson schedule.


Accommodation in our SURF HOUSE. Enjoy the comfort of an authentic surf house in the heart of Zarautz. Hostel type accommodation in a wonderful villa fully equipped for your comfort. Additional accommodation is available in our associated Surf Hostels.


Before getting in the water you’ll be served a buffet breakfast with all kinds of food. We’ll take into account allergies and if you let us know your needs we will provide you with what’s perfect for your diet. 

NSZ 2.0

Wi-Fi connection, interactive TV with HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Netflix.


Your training and progression is vitally important. You will have surf lessons every morning or  afternoon. Enjoy nature through classes with qualified, professional instructors who will guarantee that the classes are fun and safe.


Complementary activities are featured every afternoon. There won’t be any minute left over for boredom.

– Surf theory workshop. – Yoga and Pilates classes. – Outings in SUP Paddle surf. – Technical analysis via surf skate. – Slack-line and platform high-dives – Surfboard shaping: as we make a visit to the local board factory.

– Excursions through the mountains and to Getaria. – Rides on longboards and skateboards. – Throw downs and explosive laughter at the ping pong table. – Stretches and exercises at the gym in the surf school. – Beach soccer, beach volleyball and much more… – Zarautz port diving


Accident and Civil Liability insurance is included.



The groups are under monitor supervision 24 hours a day. During the surf lessons they are in the hands of our team of qualified instructors, professionals all of whom hold certification approved by the Spanish Surf Federation and the Higher Sports Council.

Outside the hours of surf lessons, during scheduled activities and during rest time, they are cared for by the team of coordinators and free time monitors. A maximum of 6 students per monitor ratio is maintained during surf lessons and 10 students per monitor during free-time and activities.

We do not offer, conduct, or condone of late night outings or parties with groups of minors. The accommodation curfew is at 23:00. The only exception may arise expressly under the supervision of the coordinators. These could include going out for an ice cream, seeing a concert or public show, short skateboard rides along the promenade, etc.


TIMETABLE (arrival and departure).

Camp starts on Monday and recommended check-in is from 11-2pm. Lunch is served at 2:30pm and promptly followed by orientation. The first class is that same day at 5pm and the welcome party BBQ is hosted at 9pm.

The program wraps up Sunday at 3pm. That last day campers have breakfast and surf class in the morning. At 2pm lunch is served. We then say our goodbyes after sharing photos of the week.



Each student is covered under a comprehensive personal insurance policy for the duration of the camp. In addition to the accident and travel insurance, the student is covered by our civil liability insurance as well. The local Red Cross lifeguard station is on duty to support and aid us as a surf school approved by the Sports Board, the Spanish and Basque Surf Federation and the Higher Sports Council.

In summary, each student has full coverage during their stay with us. Insurance is included in the price of the pack.



We have a shuttle and transfer service to nearby bus/train stations, as well as the airport. In order to program these services, it is necessary that they be confirmed in advance. Due to regulatory restrictions, long-distance transfers (+200 km) can only be provided by transport companies. To schedule pick-up, you are requested to send a copy of your itinerary by email. Please make sure the departure and arrival time is noted and include a copy of your surf camp reservation.



We offer three secure payment methods on our web platform: Credit card, Paypal and bank transfer. Payment for the camp is made in two installments. The first payment is charged upon booking and the second 30 days before the start date of the camp.

We also can arrange longer payment plans over 3, 6 or 9 months.  Please consult us for conditions.




– Be sure to bring personal hygiene items and a towel.

– It is essential to have a European health card for all non-residents of Spain. For nationals, we recommend bringing your social security card.

– It is worth bringing sunscreen. Flip-flops, towel, bathing suit, and comfortable clothing are essential, as well as something warm for the evenings.

– It is advisable to bring rain gear and sunglasses.

– Please inform us of allergies ahead of time. If you are vegetarian or celiac or have any other intolerances, we can  prepare a special menu for you.

– Spending money is recommended to enjoy the shops in town. Delicious local treats and souvenirs can easily be found.

– We have first-aid kits in all our facilities, but it never hurts to bring the essentials (bandaids, gauze, iodine, etc.). Remember that we are not allowed to supply medication of any kind, including paracetamol, ibuprofen or aspirin.

– Mosquito repellent could be handy, keep in mind that you will be in nature most of the time.

– You can bring your own gear if you have a surfboard or wetsuit at home. Though we do recommend using the boards we have on hand because they are chosen specifically for your progression as you improve over the course of the classes.



Not at all, as NorthShore’s apprenticeship program is tailored to everyone’s level. Whether you know nothing about surfing or if you already have some experience, the courses are adapted to your current level.


Preferably you should know how to swim to be able to enjoy the classes to the fullest and thus minimize the risks during the baths.


You need to bring your ID / PASSPORT and health card. Printed proof of pack reservation.


You will always have all the material for the surf lessons. Depending on the pack you have chosen, you can also have it outside of class hours.


You will have at your disposal all the necessary material for the practice and learning of surfing. (Surfboard, wetsuit, lycra, invention).


Only the sleeping bag is mandatory. You do not have to bring much since you are going to be at the beach all day and it is in summer. You can basically bring the normal things for the summer: swimsuit, sweatshirt, long pants for the sunset, sneakers for the paintball game, sun cream, toothbrush, sunglasses, beach towel, flip-flops … You can bring some money if you want to visit the town or go around.


The minimum age is 18 years.

Except for the JUNIOR SUMMER PACK, which is for children under 18 years old.


You can find a wide description and photos of the accommodations on the page of each pack.